Test deploy

Doing your first test deploy

When you first open the plugin’s settings page, it will default to the Same server deployment option.

This is the best way to quickly generate a static copy of your site and be able to preview how it will look, without needing to worry about any other configuration.

Simply hit the Start static export button and wait while it crawls your site, making a static version of every page.

Don’t worry, this is not going to overwrite anything on your website!

After exporting your site, click the Go to my static site button, which will open the static version of your site in a new tab.

Now you’ve got a feel for how the plugin works, you can move on to Deploying your site to one of the many static site hosting options, or play around with the Configuration, where you can adjust things to speed up the crawling process or ensure certain files are excluded/included from the export.

Visual walkthrough

Step 1 - Go to the plugin’s main page

Main page

Step 2 - Hit the Start static export button

Start static export button

Step 3 - Verify your exported site looks OK

Go to my static site

If any errors occurred during your test deploy, remain calm, we’ve got a great [Troubleshooting guide]()

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