Search Engines

Adding a search engine to your static site

Another functionality that you get for free with WordPress is the built-in search mechanism. The way this works is by querying the database for the search terms you enter. This is great, but is also another point that can slow down your website. The more things that are requesting information at once add to site slow down. Caching queries can help a bit, but not all of your users are going to search for the same terms, so there’s still an initial cost for each new search term. But you publish your WordPress site statically because you want real speed and no database sitting there, looking all slow and insecure.

3rd party search providers for your static website

  • Algolia - the most popular solution for static site search these days
  • Google Custom Search – the power of Google search, just paste a snippet into your theme somewhere after adding your static site’s URL into the settings powering the search box on this site
  • swiftype
  • Tipue

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