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Contact form solutions for static websites

One of the most widely used WordPress plugins is the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Install it, add a shortcode to a page(s) et voila, you have a working contact form for your website. This is great, until you start getting all the spam email abuse, even with reCAPTCHA enabled, but I digress.

When you start using WordPress as a static site generator, one of the first things you miss is this easy contact form implementation.

Is it harder to add a contact form to a static site?

It doesn’t have to be. In many cases, it can even be easier, as you are just pasting a bit of code into your page, like you did before with shortcodes, but this time, you don’t need to install and activate a plugin and ensure it’s up to date.

A WordPress contact form plugin designed for static sites

WP Serverless forms is designed by Shifter and generously kept open source and available to all. Shifter are one of the providers of a new hybrid model of WordPress hosting, where you host your WP site them and they take care of all the conversion to static/serving of static content for you.

3rd party form / form submission providers for your static website

These are some of the most popular form solutions for static websites. There are countless others out there of varying quality.

Each of the above has slightly different ways to implement, by either making slight tweaks to your existing form’s code, embedding a whole other form or by wiring a few online services to make your own end to end solution. Check this page again, as more example implementations will be added for each vendor.

You can also use a little JavaScript to capture the contents of a form and create a mailto link that has the recipient, subject and body pre-populated for all mail clients to understand, such as:

When the above link is clicked, it will create an email in your default email client that looks like this:

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