Deployment Options

WP Static Site Generator allows you to deploy to a massive amount of hosting options, allowing you to choose from the fastest, the most full featured, the cheapest (free) or somewhere in between.

Anywhere you can host a regular WordPress website can be used for hosting a static website. Even on the same web host, the static version of your site should perform much better, especially under some load.

Once you are considering to go static, though, you have such a great many more options of hosting to choose from, that we’d like to give a bit of guidance here, in helping you find the best suited to your needs/style.

    Amazon S3

    Low-cost, Free tier available, Custom domain support, Easy integration with CloudFront for improved performance


    FREE, Custom domain support, The specialists in static website hosting

    GitHub Pages

    FREE, Custom domain support


    Fast, Low-cost, Custom domain support, Responsive support team from Slovenia


    Flexible method for deploying to most traditional servers

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